The amino acids, and thus the amino acid phenylalanine, are the building blocks of the proteins contained in all foods that contain protein. People with PKU can break down phenylalanine only to a very limited degree, and when they eat a normal diet, high levels of phenylalanine accumulate in the body. This can lead to disorders in the neurological and physical development of children with PKU. That’s why the amount of protein in their diet must be reduced to the point that it contains only as much phenylalanine as the child’s metabolism can break down.

To ensure healthy development and growth, it is important that the diet contains a sufficient supply of proteins and nutrients to prevent deficiencies. This is accomplished by an artificially manufactured dietary supplement containing protein (amino acid substitution). This supplement contains all of the essential building blocks of protein except phenylalanine, as well as important vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

In parallel with the special diet, the child’s development is continuously monitored and the phenylalanine levels are regularly checked via blood tests. This ensures that the diet can be continuously adjusted to the needs of the growing child. Following the diet properly will ensure that the child’s mental and physical development remains normal and healthy.


Holiday time – a wonderful time! This is true for people with PKU as well. Simply take your personal food supply on holiday with you and enjoy yourself without a care in the world!


You can order the passport for persons with PKU and other inborn errors of metabolism available from the E.S. PKU from us.


can be obtained from the Oase Advisory Service.