Oase is an information and advisory service of Swiss PKU. It is available to everyone with PKU, their family members and other interested parties, and can provide assistance with the following issues:

  • PKU-specific diet
  • practical assistance and tips on dietary and eating problems or on implementing the diet plans
  • calculating the PHE in food
  • nutritional data and information on food and special products
  • recipes
  • tips and tricks for preparing meals
  • information for caregivers and teachers
  • assistance in preparing for school camps, school trips and visits to foreign countries
  • holiday planning with regard to dietary issues
  • assistance with questions regarding disability insurance, health insurance and various government agencies
  • sharing of addresses of other members and people affected by PKU


Cäcilia Smith is the person in charge of Oase and has worked for Swiss PKU since 2005. In addition to her activities with the advisory service, she is a member of the executive board and is responsible for meal planning for the autumn camp. She has an open ear for any and all questions regarding PKU and is also bound by the ethical standards and confidentiality obligation of her profession.
She received her degree in nutrition and dietetics in 1991 from Universitätsspital Zurich (Zurich University Hospital). Afterwards, she worked in various hospitals for adults and children. From 1992–94 she completed a part-time program of study and became a counsellor. From 1998 to 2006 Ms Smith ran her own practice for paediatric dietetics.
Since 2009 she has worked in a gynaecological practice with a focus on eating disorders, obesity, allergies and intolerances in Thun. In 2012 she received her degree from the University of Applied Sciences. She lives with her family in Thun.


You can reach the Oase Advisory Service by telephone and by post:

Cäcilia Smith, BSc
Dietitian SVDE
Oase Advisory Service
Feldheimstrasse 1
3600 Thun, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)79 646 66 10
E-Mail: oase@swisspku.ch

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